Moove Lab partner of Maddy Keynote

The Maddy Keynote is the pinnacle of innovation, thought and produced by Maddyness, the magazine of innovation, startups and entrepreneurship.

The Maddy Keynote is a moment of discovery, thought sharing and business meetings for all those who live and work in innovation on a daily basis. Meetings (Media, FrenchTech, Large Groups), concrete experiments and above all inspiration in continuous flow. A day to see and learn everything, to consume without moderation on February 1st, 2018 at 104 Paris, on the City of the future.

4 main themes will be the day: mobility, welfare, housing and agora.

Indeed, thing about mobility, the Woman/Man of the future will be above all urban, and she/he will have to find the means to move in the city as efficiently as possible, whether it be in terms of speed, energy efficiency or experience… Going from point A to point B, yes, but how do you get there faster and more comfortably? What does tomorrow’s mobility have in store for us, what future for autonomous vehicles, and how about teleportation?

Moove Lab is pleased to be part of its Ecosystem Partners and will be the relay of the event.

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