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The idea has come, as is obvious, from a personal experience. “I was looking for a used car and asked my colleague Jean-Michel Cochet to come with me”, says Sacha Sardo, a young Web developer at the time. A mechanic, he had managed sales and mechanical workshops.” And I said to myself: in fact, we don’t all have a Jean-Michel at hand when purchasing a car from private individuals! While Jean-Michel’s are all over France…” was born.

Created in July 2016 in Suresnes, within the Conseil National des Professions de l’Automobile (CNPA), the company is now housed at Station F, the start-up campus founded by Xavier Niel in Paris (XIIIe). Its head office remains in Puteaux. “We are a team of five people and we have a network of 650 mechanics available 7 days a week throughout France”, says Sacha Sardo.

“The technician delivers a complete diagnosis to the buyer: then it’s up to him/her to make a choice”

For €140, these professionals will inspect the car you are looking for on site. With or without you. “They check all the administrative documents, inspect the main equipment, the car body, open the hood, do a static test and a road test”, says the 24-year-old CEO. “It takes about one hour on average for a Clio.” For this price, the site guarantees only “wear parts such as brakes and tires.” “For buyers who want to be even more reassured, we sell mechanical warranties of €80 for the engine, gearbox and axle”, notes Sacha Sardo.

Every year, 3.6 million people buy their cars from private individuals. “To date, conducts approximately 500 inspections per month.” The technician delivers a complete diagnosis to the buyer: then it’s up to him/her to make a choice.” The mechanics, paid 60 € per inspection, are professionals already working on their own account or employed. “Financially, it’s a bonus for them and the consulting aspect enhances their business”, boasts Sacha Sardo, who hopes to be able to offer 1,000 mechanics in France by mid-2018.

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