The RTL column on JustBip

The start-up Justbip has just won the Innovation Grand Prix of the city of Paris. Why is it different? Services for people with reduced mobility, designed to facilitate their daily life. Its 34 year old young founder, Romain Streiff, is the son of the famous pilot Christian Streiff, disabled after an accident 20 years ago. Seeing all the difficulties of his father’s daily life, he came up precisely with this idea: an application to make life easier for thousands of people who have trouble getting around.

The aim is to provide a real service to people with reduced mobility. Not only a disabled person, but also a pregnant woman, an elderly person or even a person with a broken leg. In short, as soon as everything becomes complicated, for example in a gas station. With this system, you simply stop in front of a pump and start the application from your smartphone. A gas station attendant comes straight away to fill the tank of your car.

You remain seated in the car and pay via the credit card terminal that the person has brought.No need to go out, unfold the wheelchair, fill up the tank, get back in the car, fold up the wheelchair and start again a few meters further… On average, this takes no less than 20 minutes! Now it’s done within in three minutes. Several gas stations offer this service. 1160 Total partners in the operation. Which is quite great, because Total is the first major distributor in France. Somehow this is the great comeback of gas station attendants! 

An extended service at stations and airports

Moreover, the oil companies are interested in this service and intend to develop it. To stand out from the supermarkets, which are gaining ground and represent half of the market today. Next year, in addition to a full tank, you’ll be able to order sandwiches and drinks, that will be brought to you. Just like a Fast food drive-in.

And this service is not limited to the car. Opening the door of the airlock to the bank, climbing the access step to a restaurant … The start-up will also soon be moving into railway stations or airports. A service already exists, but we’ll come and pick you up right out of the Taxi. In addition, a service is currently tested in two town halls: for your documents, no more need to climb flights of stairs. The documents are prepared in advance and given to you at the reception desk.

A free application

This service costs nothing! That is the good news. It is 100% free of charge. On the other hand, it costs 10 euros per month for the institution that accepts it. But frankly, for a train station, an airport or a town hall, it’s not much for a really great service. We recall its name: Justbip! 

More than 16,000 users have already been won over by this service, which will be extended to Europe (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland) and aims to become the leader in accessibility solutions, supported by partners such as Cap Digital, Orange, Via ID, Moovelab, Station F, CNP, Natixis or Total.

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